Cruz Bay, St. John USVI Boat Charters:




Where we go aboard Cruzin Away is up to you, with the ultimate decision resting on the Captain based on weather and sea conditions. There are numerous things to do and places to see. Depending on whether you choose a Half Day or Full Day charter, you can explore the waters around St. John and St. Thomas in the USVI or venture out to explore the BVIís including The Baths of Virgin Gorda, Cooper Island, Norman Island and Jost Van Dyke.


All Charters are limited to a maximum of six passengers. See FAQ page for more information.

The Virgin Islands are recognized worldwide as one the best cruising locations on Earth and the ease of movement between the islands enables a day of varied activities including swimming, snorkeling, beach exploring, sunning away, sightseeing and exploring the various beach bars that abound in the islands. Some of the best of these include, Foxyís, The Soggy Dollar Bar and One Love all located on Jost Van Dyke in the BVIís.


Full Day Boat Charter:

Should you decide on a Full Day Charter (8:30 AM to 4:30/5:00 PM) some of the suggested charters would include:

A Full Day of Snorkeling in the USVI and BVIís:

While an entire vacation can be most enjoyable above the surface of the water, why not go down a little ways and explore the wonderful marine life, coral formations and natural rock formations that are available to you in the Virgin Islands. A full day of snorkeling and exploring can include a stop along the North Shore of St. John for a nice snorkeling adventure at Waterlemon Cay. Then off to the BVIís for stops at Cooper Island, The Caves of Norman Island, eat lunch at the Willie T (a unique experience dining aboard a ďpirate shipĒ moored at Norman Island), a stop at The Indians and ending off at Jost Van Dyke for a little bit or relaxation before heading home.

A Full Day of exploring the BVIís:

Head off in the morning to explore The Baths of Virgin Gorda (a unique rock formation) and do a little snorkeling while there. Then off to other islands in the BVI, possibly including Cooper Island, Norman Island and Jost Van Dyke.


A Full Day of exploring the USVI:

If you have forgotten your passport, or just donít want to leave US waters, you can have a very enjoyable day exploring the waters surrounding St. John and St. Thomas. There are numerous cays (small islands) islands, coves and bays to explore in and around St. John and St.Thomas. Among these are Cinnamon Bay, Waterlemon Cay, Whistling Cay, Lovango, Carvelle Rock, Christmas Cove and Newfound Bay. A day exploring the USVI by boat is a very enjoyable experience and can even include a complete circumnavigation around St. John so that you can see the entire island in one trip.

Half Day Boat Charter:

If you donít have the time to spend an entire day out on the water having the time of your life, why not spend a little less time having a whole lot of fun? A Half Day Charter (9:00 AM to 1:00 PM or 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM) can provide you with a very enjoyable experience.

Because of time limitations, Half day Charters remain within the waters of the USVI and can include a circumnavigation of St. John with stops along the North Shore and/or the South Shore of the Island, a stop at Christmas Cove, just off the Southeastern tip of St. Thomas, and Lovango Cay located just north of St. Thomas.


Special Events:

Should you be on your Honeymoon, Anniversary or you are celebration another special event, let us know and we will work with you to provide the best possible experience we can for you. If your interest includes spending time away from the crowds on a secluded beach let us know and we will try to bring you to the most romantic spot we can find. You can stroll along in peace and quiet or go off on a beach bar exploration cruise if you so desire. With Cruzin Away, our goal is to help make your day an enjoyable and memorable one.


Fishing Anyone?

If you have had enough of fun filled days snorkeling, exploring, swimming and sunning yourself and want to partake in a little adventure of another kind, let us know and we can take you out on a fishing expedition. Fishing Charters are arranged with the Captain of Cruzin Away, Captain Josh, and can be customized to what you would like to do. We have fishing gear available for you, a live well, outriggers and because Cruzin Away is a center console boat, we can provide you with a very nice fishing experience. Many people like to take a day away from the normal vacation activities and get away from it all with a little fishing, if you are one of these people, ask the captain and we will see what we can arrange for you.



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