Cruz Bay, St. John USVI Boat Charters:




What do we do for an entire day aboard Cruzin Away?

The possibilities are almost endless. One of the best things about being in paradise is the fact that just about anything you decide to do will be fun and adventurous. Snorkeling and swimming in the waters of the Virgin Islands is an easy way to explore things and see the sights from a different perspective. You can also partake in a little beach exploration, sunning yourself on the boat or on the beach, crawling around one of the numerous beach bars in the area or just ride around and see the islands from the water, as the early explorers did. It is up to you. Ask us or the Captain ahead of time and we will work with you to help make your cruise an enjoyable and memorable one.


How many people can go on one charter?

Because of United States Coast Guard Regulations, we are allowed a maximum of six passengers onboard the vessel for a charter.


Who can go on a charter any age or physical restrictions?

Boarding and disembarking the vessel is a fairly straightforward event, but being physically fit would make for a much more enjoyable cruise. Obviously, if you want to snorkel, being a decent swimmer helps. We can accommodate children, but very young children and toddlers are not allowed on the vessel for safety reasons. Be sure to ask ahead of time and we will let you know if we can accommodate you.


How much will this cost?

Our rate page has this information, however, when you factor in the cost per person, a day aboard your own personal charter boat will probably be the best “bang for your dollar” of your entire vacation. Payments can be arranged ahead of time by credit card or paid in cash at the time of the cruise.


What about the weather?

Although Cruzin Away does operate in paradise, there are occasions where the weather does not permit certain cruises or where the weather does not allow us to leave port at all. Our primary concern is the safety of you the passenger and the sole discretion as to whether to venture out is with Captain Josh, a United States Coast Guard licensed captain. If a cruise is canceled due to weather or problems with the boat you owe nothing and we will try to accommodate you on another date.


What about snorkel gear?

We have a snorkel gear available if you do not have your own, or we can point you to a shop located on the island where you can rent or purchase your own equipment. Most people prefer to use their own snorkel gear for obvious reasons.


What about pictures?

Bring your camera, especially if it is a waterproof camera. We have a center console locker where we can store your camera, but please remember that water is not a friend of electronic equipment. We also have a dive camera mask that we may use while you are onboard and can provide you with e-mailed photos after your cruise.


What about the sun?

Bring lots of sunscreen with as high an SPF factor as you can find. You do not want to go home with a sunburn and snorkeling and being on the water all day leads to lots of sun exposure. You will be fine if you apply adequate sunscreen early and often.


Where do we leave from?

Our normal pick-up and drop-off location is the National Park Dock in Cruz Bay, St. John. If you have any special requests let us know ahead of time and we will try our best to accommodate you.


Any additional charges?

As with most charter businesses in the Virgin Islands, the Captain and crew are usually given a gratuity upon completion of a successful cruise, usually 20-25% or so would be customary, however feel free to be as generous as you would like.



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